Hand Gripping Exercises in Occupational Therapy

Hand Gripping Exercises in Occupational Therapy

Hand Gripping Exercises in Occupational Therapy. Just as it can help prevent diseases, hand gripping exercises are also vital in the recovery of people stroke patients. The motor skills are what is usually affected when a person experiences a stroke. In order for them to regain control, hand exercises are implemented in their therapy.

Hand therapy is a mix of occupational and physical therapy that is used to help rehabilitate the hands, fingers, and wrist. An injury or a stroke attack using grippers, balls, bands, and weight bars, can also be used to help children develop their fine motor skills. The therapist may be able to help you with these activities in order to improve your hand strength.

Here are some hand strengthening exercises your occupational therapist may employ:

  • Stretching exercises

These exercises are designed for warm up and to help the muscles in your hand prevent stiffening and improve your hand’s ability to move effectively without any problems.

  • Flexion and Extension on the Wrist

With your affected hand rested on top of a flat surface (i.e. on top of an armchair or table) with palms down, bend your wrist by slowly moving your hands up and down. Repeat the same thing with the palm of your hands facing up.

  • Flexion and Extension of the Thumb

Start this stretch with your palms open such that the fingers on your hands will be far apart. Slowly bring your thumb to the base of your pinky finger as if you’re making the number 4 gesture with your hand then bring your thumb back to the original position.

When the muscles in your hands have warmed up, your therapist might decide to move the therapy to the exercise proper. Here are the hand gripping exercises that are usually employed:

  • Therapy Balls

Usually used when the patient is still on the early stages of developing or regaining hand strength. These are also the cheapest hand rehabilitation method after a stroke. The balls come in different firmness and sizes so that your hands will constantly be kept on being challenged thereby speeding up your recovery.

There are different ways to exercise using therapy balls. Your therapist may require you to perform a power grip where you squeeze a ball as tightly as you can and focusing on pressing your fingers on the ball. Another way is by squeezing the ball between any two fingers on your hands.

The best way to increase hand strength is through hand grippers. This compact, lever-type devise is designed to increase the patient’s endurance, strength, and even dexterity. This is especially important for a recovering stroke patient. Performing normal tasks such as carrying groceries, opening the door, or carrying a bag.

Using this equipment is easy. You simply have to grab both sides and start squeezing it as hard as you can. Its strength level is adjustable which makes it a perfect tool for stroke patients to slowly develop their hand grip strength.

Your hands are simply one of the most used parts in your body. Bouncing back to your normal daily life after a stroke attack is vital. While this list of exercise methods can help, checking in with your occupational or physical therapist. It is still important to make sure that you’re on the right track.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptons. Do you notice that your fingers become numb at night? Do you wake up with numbness and tingling in your hands that may run all the way to your shoulder?

If the symptoms continue, it may be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). If it is not treated in the early stage, you may lose the hand grip totally. Your hand muscles will get shrink and the worst part is, it induces deep muscle pain and eventually you may have to undergo surgery.

What are the Causes?

CTS is painful and disruptive to your daily life. Repetitive motions of the wrist that you do over and over. Especially when your wrist is above your fingers, you will become vulnerable to CTS. Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Obesity and Diabetes have more chance of getting CTS.

Hand Grip Strengthener for CTS Cure

Early diagnosis plays a key role because we can get better easily and prevent permanent nerve damage.
Hand Grip Strengthening exercises are most effective when you combine with other treatments, such as change of work routine and simple medications, for mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome.

You need to have a break from your daily routine of work, that involves a repetitive movement of hands.

Because mild wrist exercising with a grip strengthener will help the median nerve movement around the carpal tunnel. This exercise may be particularly effective if your CTS is caused by inflammatory conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis to relieve pressure from the nerve. With our portable, easy to carry strengthener kit that fits in your handbag, work bag or even pocket. So you can do quick wrist exercises while you’re standing in line at the grocery store, driving or sitting at your desk at work.

Wrist exercises increase flexibility and help lower the risk of injury. Stretches using mild hand stretcher acts as a preventive measure or to ease the slight pain. You can minimize or even avoid pain by doing these simple workouts.

In addition to the workouts, applying cold packs, taking frequent breaks, splinting your wrist at night can give you relief from the symptoms and muscle pain and will ease the hand and wrist movements.

For Nerve Relaxation After Surgery

If an early prediction is not done, then exercise with a hand grip strengthener after surgery for carpal tunnel to prevent nerve scarring. The range-of-motion produced during the exercises like nerve-gliding exercises might help heal significant trauma to the wrist.

Before attempting any exercise, consult your doctor to take which kind of exercise that suits you best for the improvement in hand grip strength. No need to wait until you get severe CTS, if your work involves hours of repeated movement of the wrists and fingers, get our Hand Grip Strengthener kit and work out on the daily basis. After all, we know that “Prevention is better than cure”.

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How to Manage Arthritis

How to Manage Arthritis. Life is beautiful, but no matter what you do, it will take its toll. Physically, mentally, or emotionally, it will take a part of you away. I have seen countless individuals live a great and fantastic life, but in the end, they all end up the same, either in a wheelchair or in a nursing home, and for me, this is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a person.

Not being able to take care of yourself is probably one of the most unwanted situations in the world. Picture this, even the smallest tasks will be a painful journey, something as simple as opening a can of soda or pulling the living room blinds open, ridiculous right? What must you do you ask? Simple. Take care of yourself by making yourself stronger. And when you do that, your worries will go out the window.

Like me for example. I have arthritis and it affects mostly my hands. It isn’t life-threatening, but it is life-consuming. At first, it was a real struggle, but when I realized the benefits of using hand strengtheners, all my pain just went away.

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that causes pain in the joints and weakens them. It affects a lot of people who are aging and does not choose who to affect. And the thing is, most people who are stricken by this disease complain a lot about their hands. This goes to show that the only way to prevent or manage this is by making your hand joints strong. And with the use of handgrip strengtheners, you will have the following benefits:

1. Increased Hand Endurance

Regular use of hand grip strengtheners increases the blood flow to your hands, making it more durable. Blood carries oxygen to the muscles and joints, and you need good old O2 to refuel. Think of it as a training for a marathon. You need to increase your stamina in order to run that extra mile, right? It is the same with your hands.

2. Noticeable improvement | Hand Strength

Hand grip strengtheners greatly improve the strength of your hands because it’s like lifting weights but focuses more on your grip. Now for elderly people with arthritis, this is definitely a game changer since the disease itself decreases the ability of the hands to grip things tightly and securely, well with hand strengtheners, this won’t be a problem anymore.

3. Improvement of Dexterity

This is definitely good for musicians or for those people who do a lot of work with their hands because it greatly increases the independence of each finger, making it more precise and useful.

4. Manages pain greatly

Lastly, hand grip strengtheners help in managing pain because it exercises the hands, causing more oxygen to flow and repair or refuel tired muscles, tissues, joints, and tendons. Medicines are still applicable, but with these tools, you can greatly expect a decrease in pain in no time.

We can only do what is best until our time comes. So, when we have to walk the talk, let us all remember that we are given the intelligence not only to take care of others but also of ourselves.

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