Almost everyone today is aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy physical fitness level to live a quality life. For most of us, this usually means hitting the gym to perform a variety of exercises. For those who regularly go to the gym to maximize their strength, vigor, and health, one important thing they must take into consideration is grip strength.

Why does grip strength matter? You might ask this question like many others who are unaware of the importance of grip strength. You might think that it is unreasonable to take some time out from your hardcore exercises to train the lower arms and hands for increasing the grip strength. However, the truth is, a strong grip provides substantial benefits in training as well as other things. Let’s take a look at what those benefits are.

1. The Stronger Your Grip is The Stronger You Are

How many times has it happened that you couldn’t do another rep because your grip fatigued or slipped? You must have experienced times when you couldn’t continue to work out because your grip gave out before all the other muscles of your body. Hands and forearms often fatigue quickly during deadlifts, biceps curls, and other exercises.

Many exercises in the gym require carrying heavy weight around. This involves controlling and holding onto that weight. A strong grip allows you to hold heavy weights in the gym without your hands tiring out too soon. Your grip won’t exhaust, therefore you won’t be limited by the amount of training you can carry out in the gym.

2. Stronger Grip Means Stronger Handshake

Society judges men by the level of their strength and how physically strong they look. A hearty, strong handshake is perfect for showing others how strong and manly you really are and it leaves a great impression on others. Have you ever shaken hands with a person whose grips felt like Thor? It was really impressive, right? By increasing your grip strength, you can have the same strong handshake.

3. Stronger Grip Leads to More Injury Resiliency

Strengthened muscles and tissues are more resistant to injury and even if you suffer from an injury; with stronger tissues, you’ll be able to recover faster and get back to training. This is especially important for players who play sports where hands are continuously used. For example, players of tennis and squash rely on their hands and forearms to play the game and if an injury occurs in these areas, they will be out of the game for a long time. With stronger tissues, these athletes can recover sooner and get back on top of their game.

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