Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners (30-145 lbs.)

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Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener (30-145 lbs.)


Hand Grip Strengthener
The durable and soft synthetic rubber handles ensure comfortable and nonslippery
grip. The stainless-steel resistance spring allows you to adjust the tension
to improve the forearm muscularity and the hand grip and to increase hand and
wrist strength.

Finger Exerciser 
Light-weight with an ergonomic curve for better seating of thumb base and smooth
finger pads. This finger exerciser has resistance for each finger that develops
individual finger strength and flexibility. Easy to use and allows you to build grip
strength based on your current ability and desired results.

Large Finger Resistance Band
Made of high quality silicone material with good elasticity, which is compact and
effective. Strengthen your fingers and expand your shrunk and injured hand
muscles. It is wear-resistant and when your workout is done, simply put it away in
the bonus carry bag that is provided until your next session.

Large Grip Ring 
It is made of fiber-reinforced premium silicone material. Continual squeezing
stimulates the blood flow and improves the dexterity of fingers for stronger grip.

Large Gel Ball 
Perfect for anyone looking for fingers, hand and wrist exercise, rehab and stress
reliever. Pleasant to touch, fun-filled and returns to shape even squeezed into very
imperfect shape. Suitable for squeezing, massaging, tossing and strengthening of

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