Hand Grip Strengtheners (10-110 lbs.)


Hand Grip Strengtheners

Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

The implementation of this grip strengthener is not only phenomenal to relieve tendonitis but, it has a dual effect to relieve any pain in the adjoining wrist area. This simplistic design includes a knob which is used to adjust strain levels. The handle is wrapped with a spongy rubber that is gentle to the touch. The tension within the stainless-steel spring of the device generates a good stretch throughout the palm area to relax and ease stress taken on by mundane daily tasks.

Finger Exerciser

The tension shocks in this tool are perfect for building up resistance training throughout the whole hand. This exercise is ideal for combating carpal tunnel and arthritis. It relieves tension in the finger muscle tissue and relaxed the joints. Devotes to the top and bottom create perfect crevasses for fingers to lay and fold around the tool. This apparatus is easily adjusted to fit easy, moderate, and difficult levels.

2 Finger Stretchers

These two efficiently designed stretchers are made to last! The rubber band can fit in just about any tiny space making it a necessity while traveling, lounging at home, or sitting in a meeting.

Gel Ball

With a sleek but simple design, this magnificent stress relief tool is lightweight, making it compact and easy to carry anywhere. The products used to make this gel ball can easily be condensed while still being able to transform into original shape when decompressed.



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