Mistakes to Avoid in Getting Bigger Biceps. Dudes love to hear people say, ‘nice pair of guns’ when they flaunt their biceps but simply putting an Instagram caption, “sun’s out and guns out” will neither get you a lot of likes nor will it change peoples’ perception of your muscles and body.

You may be working out hard, but if you’re making a few essential mistakes, getting these compliments will be quite difficult. Getting bigger biceps is not easy; you must lift heavy weights and work out hard to get those big guns. At the same time, you must avoid mistakes that can prevent you from achieving your goal. What are the mistakes that are affecting your workout and limiting you from getting bigger biceps? Let’s take a look.

1. Momentum for Curls

In order to grow your muscles, you must force them to work. If you just bend forward and swing your arms so that you can lift heavier weight, there will be no tension in your biceps and your arms workout will give you no gain.

If you are swinging your arms in order to lift those dumbbells, there is no point of lifting heavier weights. You should switch with a lighter pair to make sure that your technique is right. You will only get bigger guns with the right technique.

2. Leaning back

If you lean back during your curl, you will not only take off tension from your biceps but will also put yourself at risk of suffering from a lower spine injury. Tension leads to the growth of a muscle, so always stay upright during your bicep curl exercise. If you are not able to complete the lift and must lean backwards to lift the weight, use lighter weights.

3. Lifting Shoulders/Elbows

Some lifters who start working out on their biceps without a trainer think that they can get more squeeze in their biceps by raising their elbows or shrugging their shoulders. When you lift your shoulders and arms, your anterior deltoids get involved in the movement, taking the tension off from your biceps and teaching the effect of your bicep curls. Never lift your elbows or shoulders during a bicep curl; stay disciplined if you want to get the best results from your bicep exercises.

4. Using Forearms to Curl

Some guys complain that they get more burn in their forearms instead of their biceps when performing curls. For some people, this happens because of an imbalance of strength between forearms and biceps. This strength imbalance can be corrected by training the forearms through tools like Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener.

However, most of the times, feeling more forearm burn is because of a wrong technique. When starting your curls, make sure that you don’t contract your forearms first. Your wrists should be lined with your forearms at all times.

5. Combining Biceps with Lats

Normally, you can train biceps and lats on the same day, but if your top priority is biceps growth, then it is better to do these two different muscle groups on separate days. Pulling is involved in tax movements, which taxes your biceps and affects the intensity with which you can complete your curls, thus affecting your biceps workout.

These mistakes may seem minute, but they have a major impact on your biceps workout. If you want to get bigger biceps, never make these mistakes and always focus on the right technique.