How to have stronger forearms. Forearms can be overpowered by strong triceps and biceps, and if that’s the case for you, you need to blow up those stubborn forearms with intense exercises.

If you’re a baseball player, carpenter, mechanic or a laborer who is engaged in a lot of physical exercises with his hands. Then you probably already have monster forearms. But if your job does not involve much physical exercise. You probably need to pay attention to your weak forearms.

Here are some ways you can make your forearms impressive in both functionality and looks.

1. Hand Grippers

You must be familiar with the hand grippers and they really work well for forearms. To get the most out of hand grippers, you must increase the resistance as you progress. Buy multiple grippers with different coil thicknesses. As you exercise and become comfortable with one gripper, move on to the next one with greater coil thickness. Grippers are great because they can be used anywhere and are inexpensive.

2. Loaded Carriers

Forearms training can be made more effective by maximizing the muscular endurance. Exercises like fireman’s carriers. Farmers walk and another kind of dynamic movements where an isometric grip is required are the key. As you progress through these exercises, you’ll see how your grip strength improves and forearms start to blow up.

3. Hammer Grip

Use a hammer grip when performing chin-ups and biceps in the neutral position of the palm will allow the brachioradialis to be targeted more effectively. Simple, just ditch the normal curls and pull-ups and use a hammer grip wherever you can.

4. Strongman Stuff

Loaded carriers are a good way to start working on forearms. To spice things up a little, strongman stuff is recommended. You may be able to get access to big rocks to carry, ropes to pull or climb or tires to flip. You can  incorporate them into forearms training as a secondary exercise. Regular strongman workout can guarantee you bigger and stronger forearms.

5. Challenge Yourself

When you perform basic movements, don’t just limit yourself to standard dumbbells and barbells – change it! Give your forearms and grip a challenge by making them grasp something tight. There are some tools that can be used for increasing bar thickness to improve the grip strength of the lifter. To hold a fatter bar, you’ll need to squeeze tighter which means you’ll be doing a workout within a workout.

The Final Word

Most people think that to make the forearms muscle stronger, specific training is required that involves typical sets and reps. However, that is not the case. Loaded carriers, hand grips, and strongman workout are all important to make your forearms monstrous. Try these methods and soon you’ll need to wear sleeveless shirts just because your arms won’t fit into your sleeves.