Don’t Lose Your Grip: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Hand Strengthening Exercises. Our body’s strength starts in our hands. Essentially when you have stronger hands, your entire body also becomes stronger. This is why grip strength is a critical aspect in sports, such as gymnastics, and even in our daily lives.

A lot of people focus on working their arms, legs, and back to get that perfect muscled look. What they often overlook is the importance of combining grip strength with their usual workout routine. Believe it or not, having a stronger grip could actually benefit boost your overall gain as well as help lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Our grip is basically what makes our body strong. It’s the one that allows our body to move, lift, and carry stuff from one place to another. Aside from that, these 5 reasons will tell you why you shouldn’t neglect hand strengthening exercises:

1. Injury Prevention

Having a weak grip can affect the way you live. When your grip and forearm muscles are not conditioned properly, you could suffer from certain types of injuries. These types of injuries are also common among athletes.

For instance, tennis players suffer from a tennis elbow which is characterized by extreme pain on the outside of the elbow. Climbers can have the same pain but on the opposite side of the elbow. Like the athletes, ordinary people with desk jobs can suffer from the same injuries.

Although these can be treated with injections or massage, these issues will keep on coming back if you won’t do anything about your forearm and grip conditioning.

2. Overall Health Indicator

The benefits of having a strong grip does not stop with injury prevention. Grip strength can also be a great overall health indicator. Sports scientist, Thomas Kurz, suggests using a dynamometer in measuring the strength of a person’s grip. If the results show that the grip strength falls below the previous measurement, it could be mean fatigue or lack of optimal recovery.

3. Grip Strength Affects the Core

In order for your core to achieve its maximum gain, the muscles in both your upper and lower body must also be placed under tension. In addition, one of the most effective ab exercises is the hanging leg raise. The problem is, many people can’t go through long periods of hanging leg raise because their weak grip is holding them back. However, with a stronger grip, leg raises become much easier and achieving rock-hard abs won’t be so hard anymore.

4. Increased Hand Strength

Hand strengthening exercises are also great for building a strength on your wrists and arms. It’s especially effective when done at the gym since you’re workout program will involve lifting heavy weights. Athletes, gymnasts, and climbers benefit from these exercises since their sport requires a good grip for them to be able to support their weight.

5. Builds Endurance

When you have a strong grip, it becomes easier for you to carry your groceries, open a jar, and carry out activities for an extended period of time. Developing endurance also helps you perform more reps at the gym before your target muscles give out.

The importance of incorporating grip strength into our daily workout routine can’t be stressed enough. Aside from these benefits, hand strengthening exercises can help improve dexterity as well as enables you to lift heavier weights for maximum gain. Start by doing hand gripper exercises or tennis ball squeeze and build up to a more challenging exercise when you’re ready. Starting slow is already a big step to take and it will make a huge difference in your overall health and power.